Forever Young BBL

Beautiful skin in a flash

Worried your age spots or rosacea make you look less radiant? With BBL they will be a thing of the past!

A new approach to younger looking skin

A new approach to younger looking skin

For as long as women and men have been concerned about aging, there have been promises of younger looking skin. Contrary to popular belief, creams and lotions can’t penetrate the skin’s surface. This means they can’t reach the deeper layers of skin where much of the aging process happens.

Introducing Forever Young BBL from Sciton, a revolutionary treatment that sends light energy deep into the skin to boost your body’s natural ability to fight aging. The result? Skin that’s visibly younger looking, year after year!

Addressing your most common skin concerns with the power of light

The light energy delivered by BBL will gently heat the upper layers of your skin. The heat absorbed by the targeted areas will stimulate your skin cells to regenerate. This corrective process will restore your skin to its natural beauty, making it clearer, smoother, vibrant and younger looking.

BBL allows your clinician to treat age spots, small facial veins, and many other skin conditions.

BBL stimulates cells to regenerate, and typically with the first treatment you will start to see smoother, more even and vibrant skin. The photothermal energy will eliminate fine vessels that cause redness and reduce unwanted melanin that produces age and sun spots. Your skin will feel smoother, pores will be less noticeable, and uneven pigmentation will fade.

BBL can be the foundation for and used in conjunction with all other BBL treatments.

Addressing your most common skin concerns with the power of light

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