Take some time to read a few testimonials from real guests!

*Tyte Medispa is formerly Lily’s Medispa

I have seen Lily for treatments, on and off over the last several years. What I immediately  liked about her is that she is soft spoken and nonjudgmental. It can be very anxiety provoking to be vulnerable to a virtual stranger; revealing  the flaws that may have diminished your confidence for a long time. Lily makes this very easy and comfortable. She quietly assesses my concerns and then makes the best recommendations for me. Never once making me feel criticized. She puts my wellbeing above anything else and would not permit me to have a procedure that was unsafe for the particular sun-exposure risk or  condition of my skin. I feel lucky to have found her.

Donna Jones-Wall

I followed my friend to Lily's Medi Spa just to give him some moral support. After hearing Joy explain the process and potential results with EM Sculpt Neo i was totally in. Her knowledge and experience made me feel comfortable enough to make the investment in myself and my health. Lily conducted my three sessions so far and she is an absolute sweetheart. Love speaking with both her and Joy. I am also extremely pleased with my results after my first two sessions. I lost 4 inches on my stomach so far and the overall strength of my core has improved tremendously. Just finished my third session and at this point it is so therapeutic for me. I highly recommend Lily's Medi Spa.

Ricardo Coke

After doing my research and calling several different places ranging from Queens, Mahattan and Long Island about EmSculpt Neo, Lily’s Medi Spa stood out the most. The distance from where I live in Queens to Millbrook is 94 miles. The reason why I decided to make the drive was because of how knowledgeable and caring Joy was on the phone. The drive is well worth it because Lily and Joy are both amazing at what they do. They conveniently made sessions available for me, my husband, sister-in-law and friend on Sundays to accommodate our very busy schedule. We actually look forward to our weekly road trip to Lily’s and it has been amazing so far for our first three sessions. I personally am already seeing results after my second session and am so happy to have found this oasis.

Ashley Ali

A hydra facial from Lily’s Medi Spa was just the thing I needed to feel both confident and prepared for my college graduation photos. The customer service and cleanliness were excellent, and I appreciated that the employees actually knew quite a lot about the products being sold in the spa. I can’t wait for the next visit!

Chase Williams

I have had laser hair removal done with Lily from Skin Allure Med Spa in Hopewell Junction, and the service is incomparable.

I had previously gone to another location in Westchester and was extremely dissatisfied with the entire experience. I am so glad I found Skin Allure and I am extremely pleased with the quality of service. Lily is a true professional in her field. She is considerate to your needs and goes out of her way to accommodate you to make the entire experience comfortable. She completes the procedure thoroughly and efficiently. The office environment is very clean and comfortable. I highly recommend Lily and Skin Allure Med Spa for any laser hair removal procedures.

L.L., Holmes, NY

For years I went to a reputable plastic surgeon’s office for laser hair removal. I work up close in patient’s faces and esthetics are extremely important. The treatments were uncomfortable and I was less than satisfied with the results. I decided to try another office in hopes of a better experience. Laser Hair Removal with Joy has exceeded my expectations of professionalism, cleanliness and outstanding results.

Lily is a true professional in every sense with her utmost concern being patient comfort. She has counseled and educated me on many aspects of body health and its relation to hair development. She has state-of-the-art equipment that provides outstanding results. I receive countless compliments on the overall tone of my skin it has never looked better! Not only did the laser address the hair issue, but it also smoothed out my skin with collagen stimulation. I am so pleased with the results that I decided to include treatments of my eyebrows, under arms and bikini area. The days of dark shadows and horrible razor burn & bumps are over!  Thank you, Lily, for making me feel like a real woman!

L.Z. , Fishkill, NY

I’m so excited! When my friend told me about laser hair removal, I dismissed it because I didn’t really understand it. One day we were together in a sauna and I saw her bikini. Wow, I was blown away. Her bikini was free of hair and it was smooth and clear. That was all I needed to see, I wanted what she had. I called Lily at Laser Hair Removal with Joy and made an appointment. Lily was inviting, professional, and warm. I was impressed with her expertise and thoroughness. I’m so happy to have gone to Lily because everything she said would happen did happen. I began to see the reduction after the first treatment. I’m thrilled to say I now have a clear, smooth, and maintenance free bikini. I have been so happy that I started to do my legs and have found them to work even better and faster than my bikini. I wish I did this sooner and I recommend Lily to all my friends.


I had been searching for a more efficient method of hair removal. Waxing worked, better than shaving for sure, but when the hair grew back there was always lots of ingrown hairs that required attention. After doing some online research, I decided to investigate laser hair removal. This brought me to the Skin Allure Med Spa in Hopewell Jct. I called, and after explaining that I was interested in a Brazilian treatment, an appointment was made, for that same day, for a consultation.

This was when I met Lily. I found her to be informative, pleasant, and very professional, (which is something I will come back to).

Lily agreed to do the treatments, and scheduled an appointment for me.

The facilities are very nice: bright, clean, and welcoming. Lily explained everything about the treatments, what I could expect in terms of results, discomfort, and aftercare. While she was doing the procedure she constantly asked if it was too intense, or if I needed a break. Laser isn’t painful, certainly not like waxing. Uncomfortable yes, but only momentarily.

Even after the first visit, I was seeing very favorable results. Now that I have finished the treatments, the results are excellent. There is virtually no hair to be found, with the exception of a few errant blond hairs. There also is no skin discoloration.

In short, the treatment turned out just as Lily had explained to me during our consultation meeting. I owe this both to her level of expertise and her commendable professionalism.

I cannot recommend laser enough, and certainly would add that I would think most laser hair removal salons are equal, but I believe Skin Allure ranks at the top, because of Lily’s skills and professional attitude.


This medi spa is one of the best places  I have ever experienced. I have been going to Lily’s for over a year now- I live in Wisconsin but if I’m visiting family I always make an appointment. I have have had the micro needling done per her recommendation and have had a great results. I have also been doing the EMsculpting (fantastic). What keeps me coming back from across the country is Lily’s deep education and knowledge of all the products and services she provides, I have total trust. More importantly, she cares about me and my results,  spends the time needed to ensure the service is the best for me vs what I think I need. She would never sell a service “ just because “.  She and the team are kind generous and accessible. During the time of COVID she has done everything to keep her clients safe. Please take the time to explore what Lily’s has to offer a wonderful place and wonderful family.

Celia Shaughnessy

I first started seeing Lily for laser hair removal in 2013, and have since tried skin tightening and Emsella. I am very happy with my results and the quality of her work. She puts love into all of her treatments, and you can feel it. I have tried laser hair removal in the past a different spa, and they actually burned my face. I have never had any issues with Lily, and I always walk out of her office feeling beautiful and cared for. Not only is Lily great at what she does, but she takes every measure to create a safe and welcoming environment. I highly recommend that you visit Lily’s Medi Spa! I will continue to see Lily for my beauty needs for years to come!

Sylvia Fancis