Spa Etiquette

Spa Etiquette

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Our promise to spa guests

Our promise to spa guests

Your comfort is very important to us. To maximize your experience, we provide the following:

  • A clean, safe, and comfortable environment
  • Stop a treatment at any time, for any reason
  • Be treated with consideration, dignity, and respect
  • Confidential treatment of your disclosed health information
  • Trained team who respectfully conduct treatments according to treatment protocols and the spa’s policies and procedures
  • Ask questions about your spa experience
  • Information regarding staff training, licensing, and certification

Our expectations of spa guests

We strive to achieve and maintain outstanding relationships with our guests. Because of this, guests feel very comfortable during all phases of care. Our medispa is a safe oasis. We want to encourage your candor and please feel free to:

Our expectations of spa guests
  • Communicate your preferences, expectations, and concerns
  • Communicate complete and accurate health information and reasons for your visit
  • Treat staff and other guests with courtesy and respect
  • Use products as directed
  • Engage in efforts to preserve the environment
  • Adhere to the spa’s published policies and procedures
  • Cancel or reschedule appointments with at least 24 hours’ notice
Read about our spa safety procedures

Spa policies


In the event that a package or series of treatments has begun, these services will be considered to have been rendered even though the full series may not have been completed. Should you wish to discontinue your treatment in the midst of a series, credit for the pro-rated share of unused treatments at the discounted package price may be extended, and this may be used to purchase other treatments or products offered by the Medi Spa.

Cancellation and rescheduling

As a courtesy to all, we ask that a 48 hour notice be given if you need to cancel or change your appointment. For a cancellation with less than a 24 hour notification, guests will be charged 25% of the treatment fee.

If you are running late to your appointment, we will do our best to accommodate you contingent upon our schedule.

If you need to cancel your appointment please call the spa at 845-677-6100, emails do not suffice as cancellation notice within our 24 hour period.

No show

We respect your time, and expect that you give us the same courtesy. In the event of a no show, the full treatment fee will be charged to your reserved card on file.

Group Events & Private Parties

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Spa safety policies

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Spa safety policies

For years I went to a reputable plastic surgeon’s office for laser hair removal. I work up close in patient’s faces and esthetics are extremely important. The treatments were uncomfortable and I was less than satisfied with the results. I decided to try another office in hopes of a better experience. Laser Hair Removal with Joy has exceeded my expectations of professionalism, cleanliness and outstanding results.

Lily is a true professional in every sense with her utmost concern being patient comfort. She has counseled and educated me on many aspects of body health and its relation to hair development. She has state-of-the-art equipment that provides outstanding results. I receive countless compliments on the overall tone of my skin it has never looked better! Not only did the laser address the hair issue, but it also smoothed out my skin with collagen stimulation. I am so pleased with the results that I decided to include treatments of my eyebrows, under arms and bikini area. The days of dark shadows and horrible razor burn & bumps are over!  Thank you, Lily, for making me feel like a real woman!

L.Z. , Fishkill, NY

I want to start by saying I am thrilled to provide this testimonial. I have been a client of Lily’s for many years, and during that time have developed a friendship and relationship based on trust. Lily provides a level of service that I have not found locally since my move from Manhattan ten years ago. Not only does she use the best equipment out there, she is deeply committed to providing the most effective treatments.

I have used other Laser Hair Removal centers in the area, and my success was minimal. Lily, and Laser Hair Removal with Joy, has restored my faith in this process and I am excited about what she has been able to do for me. Her working environment is relaxing, inviting, and spotless.

I am so grateful for her professionalism and her gracious nature. I recommend her to everyone I know, and I am so glad to have her level of service so close to home.


My name is Donna and I was born of Italian descent. This also means like most Italians, I too am faced with dark upper lip facial hair. From when I was in my teens I tried all different products to get rid of the hair above my lip. When I was young and naive I actually used a razor on it, if mother would have known she would have killed me. Then as I older and started working, I saved enough money to try electrolysis. I made an appointment so excited to be rid of this problem once and for all. Each appointment would be for 15 minutes and would be quite costly. I didn’t understand why only 15 minutes, but when I went for the treatment, it was so painful you couldn’t take it any more than that. Well I tried it and decided I didn’t want to go back. Then of course, I tried Nair. That worked really well, except when I wiped it off it would leave my upper lip sore and red for the next day. I then decided to try waxing, but now the hair grew in coarser and thicker, which meant I would have to go about every 10 days. Another thing to think about, did you notice that they have one can and one stick in a can of hot wax and that goes on everybody, and then back into the can of hot wax.

Needless to say, I started to think about this and infections. This now lead me to try laser hair removal, and that is how I found Lily. I went in for a consult; she was very informative and explained the whole process of laser hair removal.

She told me that it would take a few sessions but the hair would get thinner each time around. Lily was right. I continued to go and I saw the greatest improvement and it changed how I felt about myself. It gave me so much more confidence about my appearance. I now have sent my own daughters to Lily, and my nieces, and my friends. Each having the same result, feeling better about their own appearances. I would highly recommend Lily for anyone who has a similar concern. Thank you, Lily.

Donna Fishkill

Hi Lily,

Just a quick note to thank you for your great services.

From my very first treatment I knew that I had made the right decision to go to Skin Allure.

Not only have I seen tremendous results in less than a year, they are also long-lasting. While I started going once a month for my facial hair treatments, then I was going every 2 months. I’ve never felt more confident about going out with or without make-up.

I also thank you for all the good advice which I fully trust.