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AviClear is the first and original energy-based laser treatment to permanently resolve the #1 dermatological skin condition affecting over 50 million people, acne.

For all who suffer from acne, moments where there is an expectation of being photographed, including quick memories with family/children, are most avoided.

What are Yumi Lashes?

For more than 80% of moderate to severe acne sufferers, their acne impacts how they feel and act toward being in photos.
Acne sufferers also avoid moments when first impressions are everything, like first dates or interviews, and social gatherings such as nights out with friends and family

What are Yumi Lashes?
Benefits of the treatment

Benefits of the treatment

No oxidation – our products are individually wrapped for each customer;

  • No oxidation – our products are individually wrapped for each customer;
  • Procedure is personalized to each guest;
  • High quality ingredients (Keratin, Protein, Serum);
  • The effect lasts for 8-12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of the eyelash.
  • Treatment takes only 45 minutes and is very comfortable for the guest;
  • No need to get fills or “take off” regarding extensions: no age limit;
  • Easily sleep in any position or rub your eyes you will not have any adverse effect.
What to expect

What to expect

You should arrive for your appointment with clean lashes (no makeup). Please avoid using any oil-based products and mascara on your eyelashes 2 days before your treatment. You also shouldn’t wear contact lenses during your appointment as well.

Once you’ve arrived, we will discuss the concerns you have with your lashes and your cosmetic goals. The pain-free procedure begins with the application of a silicone shield. The shield has adhesive on both the top and bottom. We then apply a perm solution to soften the upper lashes, allowing them to be molded. After several minutes with the solution on the lashes, we can tint the lashes. The treatment concludes with the application of a setting solution that will help hold the curl. After about 10 minutes, the lashes are cleansed, combed, and the shields are removed.

Aftercare for your lash lift

During the first 24 hours after the appointment, you should avoid applying makeup or getting your lashes wet. You can apply mascara as you normally would after that point. Lash lifts are virtually maintenance-free, which also sets them apart from eyelash extensions. You can condition the lashes at night using coconut or facial oil to keep the lashes looking good.

Give yourself the lift you’ve been waiting for

Our artists will tailor their services specifically for each guest, and a consultation enables them to listen to your concerns and create a customized treatment plan. You can request a free, 30-minute consultation by calling our spa at {phone}.

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